In flight-16"x12"- $75.00-SOLD

Raven Heart-24"x11.5"-$125.00-SOLD!

Unlock the past-18"x12"-$125.00 SOLD!

Coyote Sings- SOLD!

Bird Shamen-SOLD!


Bat love-SOLD!

Close up

Every totem is hand constructed, painted and embellished by the artist. 

All pieces are intended for indoor use, created with re-purposed wood, hand cut steel (hand held plasma cutter) and embellished with various mediums of beads and wire.

No actual turqoise is used thus far. 

Wire hangers are attached on the back of every piece.


The Raven, clever, smart and the curious hunter of treasure-

Each totem, created  with various found wood, be it from an old New Mexico fence or building is given new purpose, new life.  

Every character is intended a sense of elegant whimsy, light heartedness, a story to be created by you the viewer.

Bird of Pray-SOLD!

Coyote Sings 2-SOLD!

!8"x24"ish metal outdoor raven bell-$36.00

36"x14" Zia wall hanger=$75.00 - SOLD!

10:x10"ish-metal Raven bell-$24.00

Rescued metal & wood-given new life!

60"x14"ish- "Unlikely Shamen"- $475.00

"Desire"- 24"x18"ish-$110.00

One of a kind, and that's just the saw! 

After hand cut embellishment, these old saws are given a new life! 

Trout !  SOLD!

Peacock saw-$125.00