The journey thus far...

The journey thus far has gotten me here- 50 something, father of two incredible individuals, and a good life that always has room for improvment. Sound familiar?  

So the products I am creating now are a result of a new direction,  resulting in both having been a gift sales rep here in NM for years, and listening, seeing what you, my client needs and utilizing my vibrant art onto the array of gift items I now offer.  Not only do I live in the very state of which I offer these giftables, I also live the life of the kind of person who also want's these kinds of items, uniquley created, and fun. 

Most of what I offer is made right here in the USA, and very pleased to so.  My t-shirts, are all hand done, from artwork to print-I do the work myself!  Every tee is an "original", or, as they are called in the art world- a "print original". There is value to this, although, challenging to communicate the signifance to the client. They are NOT mass produced in China, but rather done one at a time, in my back yard studio. 

So, have peace of mind, knowing you are supporting a local artist, keeping the money local, and  making people happy!

Thank you!