The journey thus far...

The journey thus far has gotten me here- 50 something, father of two incredible individuals, and a good life that always has room for improvment. Sound familiar?  

So the art I am creating now is a result of a new direction, growing perhaps, having learned from a great friend of mine, OK Harris.

He taught me to sculpt, opened me up to the possibilities  of steel creations.  Even though he is gone from this life,  OK continues to guide me while  making magic.  Today, I also incorporate the elements of found, re-purposed lumber, metals, "treasures" of all sorts to include in the end result.  It's fun, what can I say?  Each piece just unfolds, reveals its destination in my imagination and in the end, hopefully, is a piece that another person, will possibly connect to in their own way, unique to them as they are.